About Community Solutions

What is Community Solutions?

Community Solutions is a pioneering, community led, health and social care investment programme operating across North Lanarkshire focused on building communities where people can have full, independent lives.

The programme, which has been in place since 2013, is a partnership between:-


What is the aim of Community Solutions?

Community Solutions aims to improve people’s quality of life and wellbeing by taking action which:

  • strengthens social connection and support, helping to reduce isolation and loneliness;
  • promotes equality and human rights and reduces inequalities.

through services and activities developed in partnership and delivered by the community and voluntary sector.  Read more…

How does Community Solutions work?

Community Solutions is an effective and active  example of co-production: a true partnership between people, communities and services. 

There are two approaches:

  • The Locality Approach: where local communities and organisations work together to create development plans and direct funding based on local need;
  • The Thematic Approach: larger, North Lanarkshire-wide projects focusing on specific and identified needs, eg community transport; physical activity, hospital discharge support

[Image from Scottish Co-production Network website ]

Is Community Solutions for me?


Community Solutions reaches all corners of North Lanarkshire and it’s all made possible by people like YOU!

This video included by courtesy of Lanarkshire Community Food and Health Partnership explains the impact of a project funded and supported through Community Solutions.

Lanarkshire Nutrition Course for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

If you live in North Lanarkshire
If you volunteer in North Lanarkshire
If you work in the community and voluntary sector in North Lanarkshire
If you help to provide health and social care services in North Lanarkshire
If you love North Lanarkshire

Community Solutions is for YOU!

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