About Community Solutions


Community Solutions, previously known as Community Capacity Building and Carer Support, started in 2013  having emerged from the Reshaping Care for Older People work.

Community Solutions aims to improve people’s quality of life and wellbeing by taking action which

  • strengthens social connection and support, helping to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • promotes equality and human rights and reduces inequalities

‘Softening the Lines North Lanarkshire' Community Capacity Building and Carer Support Strategy 2018-23).  It provides further detail on the ways these aims will be achieved :-

  • expanding community-based preventative and anticipatory services;
  • supporting the needs of the whole population, including children and young people;
  • ensuring community supports which reduce the need for people to call on formal or statutory services unnecessarily or prematurely;
  • enabling indirect and direct carers support.

This strategy will be reviewed and updated in 2020 to incorporate the programme’s support for COVID 19 recovery and renewal.

Funding and income

Community Solutions activity is supported by annual funding from HSCNL of  £1.1 million and supplemented by funding from a range of other sources.

 outlines the approach taken to investment in priority areas.