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Please note that the Community Fairness Commission NL events have been cancelled due to low registration.

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North Lanarkshire Fairness Commission

How can you work with us to tackle Inequality and poverty? Let the NL Fairness Commission Know Your Views. Join us at any of the events below to have your say. To book a place please Email or Tel 01236 748011


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What is the North Lanarkshire Fairness Commission?

Set up in early 2017, the North Lanarkshire Fairness Commission is investigating issues of poverty and inequality affecting people in the area. It is made up of around 12 members, known as Commissioners. It’s their job to

  • Listen to lots of evidence from representatives from the council, its community planning partners, the business, community, and voluntary sectors and others about the work that’s already being done to help reduce the poverty and inequality some North Lanarkshire residents experience.
  • Speak to people from around North Lanarkshire and listen to what they think contributes to experiences of poverty and inequality. These barriers can be to finding jobs, choices of different types of employment contracts, getting the right services to help increase their opportunities and being able to find the right information and advice services.
  • Bring together their findings and make recommendations to the council and its community planning partners for future action.


Who are the Commissioners?

The commissioners are volunteers who are involved because of their knowledge, experience and interest in tackling poverty. They represent the business, public and voluntary sectors and some are involved in research and policy development in the social justice field. The Chair is Professor Annette Hastings, University of Glasgow, who has long involvement and research experience in the field of poverty and inequality.


How can you contribute to the commission’s work?

The commissioners are meeting with lots of different people from across the North Lanarkshire community. As citizens and community representatives you have a pivotal role to play when any changes to the way society organises itself are proposed.

The commissioners are keen to hear your views about helping break down barriers of inequality to help create sustainable communities where everyone has the same chances and opportunities.


What would we like to come from the discussions with you?

We would like you to:-

  • Hear about the work we’ve been doing and listen to what you think about it.
  • Give us your comments and ideas about the work we’ve done to date and in particular what we are proposing can tackle the issues we think are barriers to opportunity and prosperity identified.
  • From your own experience, make suggestions to tackle issues of poverty and inequality.


We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your experiences of the work that is being done to alleviate poverty and inequality in North Lanarkshire and what more you think could be done to tackle these issues.