Co-Production Week Scotland 2020 - 16th - 20th November 

Co-Production Week Scotland 2020 - 16th - 20th November 

Co-production Week Scotland is about bringing people together to share ideas, learning and stories about how co-production puts people and communities at the heart of the support and services they’re a part of.

Co-production is about combining everyone’s strengths so that we can work together to achieve positive change. This means communities truly playing a part in how decisions are made - where things happen with people, instead of to them.  

What is Co-production?

Co-production essentially describes a relationship between service provider and service user that draws on the knowledge, ability and resources of both to develop solutions to issues that are claimed to be successful, sustainable and cost-effective, changing the balance of power from the professional towards the service user. The approach is used in work with both individuals and communities.

There are a range of online events, blogs and resources available throughout this week -see the Scottish Co-production Network's website to find out more or follow them on Twitter at @ScotCoPro to find out more.