Community Capacity Building and Carer Support Rebrand

The Community Capacity Building and Carer Support stakeholders are delighted to confirm they have now rebranded to ‘Community Solutions’.  The decision to rebrand the Programme came after feedback from the December 2018 Joint North Lanarkshire Wide consortium at which community members mentioned they wanted to see far less jargon in the Programme (and across Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire more widely). 

The need for a rebrand rather than just a rename was then reinforced at the Improvement Service Review in March 2019 at which an area of Improvement was identified around communications and visibility of the vast array of interventions led by the Community Solutions Programme. This was especially true of the work of the locality Consortia who have been leading on a number of locally led, locally delivered developments of which were cited as areas of excellent practice at the recent Local Strategic Planning Commissioning Events. 

The new logo for Community Solutions was agreed in September through a vote of key stakeholders and will soon appear often at a local level.  

The Improvement Service Review also advised that timely and better commissioning processes be introduced.  To this end, the Programme Manager continues to work with the Chief Accountable Officer and other key staff to look at three year funding models to address this whilst also taking account of the financial climate in which Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire is operating.

As well as driving forward on these improvement areas and working to raise the profile of Community Solutions, key stakeholders continue to build on the strengths of the Programme which were identified in the review as being: Partnership Working, Impact, Strategic Planning and Achieving Outcomes.