Community Mother Volunteer Programme

The 2nd of September marked a special day for NHS Lanarkshire’s Community Mothers project with the graduation and certificate presentation to some of the new and existing Community Mother volunteers.

‘Community Mothers’ are local mothers who have breastfed their own babies and have then completed the NHS Lanarkshire volunteer training programme, in addition to 4 week breastfeeding training and a period of mentoring. They offer support to local breastfeeding mums on a voluntary basis either in person in the postnatal wards, at local breastfeeding groups or by telephone for the first 6-8 weeks as breastfeeding is being established. The volunteers help support new mums and babies on their breastfeeding journey and provide invaluable mum-to-mum support.

If you would like support from one of the ‘Community Mothers’ or have a question about breastfeeding, call the infant feeding team on 01698 366710.

If you would like to sign up as a Community Mother volunteer or find out more, please contact VANL in the first instance: / 01236 748011