Community Solutions - Research Information and Evaluation Officer Appointed

Community Solutions (previously called Community Capacity Building and Carer Support) has always been known for demonstrating the impact that community involvement can have on people’s lives and supporting people and communities to meet their outcomes.

Community Solutions has funded and supported various projects across North Lanarkshire. Since April 2019, Community Solutions has funded the GBT Volunteer Driver Service. This project involves volunteers who use their own transport to assist people and their carers to medical appointments. The outputs from this service included 1163 volunteer driver journeys and 3995 volunteer driver hours that covered a staggering 47 305 miles. 

Community Solutions knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there is potential for the programme, the wider community and the Voluntary Sector to demonstrate much more of what they do.  This includes showing cost savings for the NHS by preventing ‘Do Not Attends’ to medical appointments or working with individuals to reduce isolation and loneliness which has been evidenced as having a major impact on physical and mental health.

Community Solutions are therefore delighted to appoint Dr Heather McIntosh as the Senior Research, Information and Evaluation Officer to work with stakeholders to develop their reporting structure and mechanisms to better showcase what they do. This will allow them to better analyse the impact for future commissioning and strengthen their alignment to the ambitions of Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire. 

Heather joined VANL in October 2019 for a fixed term post until March 2020.