Green Health in North Lanarkshire

The Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership aims to connect people to nature. One of the ways they do this is by encouraging people to get involved in green health volunteering.

As part of this work, the Green Volunteering Network (made up of groups who offer volunteering opportunities in an outdoor setting) meets together every couple of months.  The network provides a forum for organisations with similar aims to develop a united voice to promote green health volunteering and consider ways to enrich the quality and accessibility of volunteering in the outdoors. 

The Green Volunteering Network is a great place to meet colleagues and share both frustrations and successes. If you are part of an organisation that offers green health volunteering opportunities to people then please do get in touch about how to join (details below).  If you can’t spare the time to attend meetings then the network are happy to add you to the mailing list to receive the minutes and any other updates.

We’re so lucky in Lanarkshire with the range of green spaces, activities and opportunities that are on offer. If you like gardening you can get involved in a community garden or orchard.  Want something a bit wilder? There are lots of ‘Friends of’ groups supporting local parks and green spaces – there is probably one somewhere near you.  Wilder still – there are opportunities to volunteer with the countryside rangers or groups such as Cumbernauld Living Landscapes or the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers doing conservation work.

There has been a lot in the news recently about why getting outdoors is good for you.  Research has shown that a two-hour “dose” of nature a week significantly boosts health and wellbeing, even if you are just sitting outside enjoying the peace. Whilst sitting in nature is good for you, walking hosts a range of health benefits. Walking is good for our muscles and posture; it helps to protect and repair organs, and can slow or turn back the ageing of our brains. With our minds in motion we think more creatively, our mood improves and stress levels fall. If you would like to walk more often then check out ‘Get Walking Lanarkshire’ who offer a huge range of walks across the whole county, including British Sign Language health walks, dementia friendly walks and cancer friendly walks.

To find out about outdoor activities, volunteering opportunities or the Green Volunteering Network please contact: Sarah Burgess, Green Health Volunteer Development Officer  Tel: 01698 300 390

For further information on the Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership please contact the Green Health Partnership Manager, Vicki Trim:

M: 07929 022 415