Introduction from Gina Alexander, Community Solutions Programme Manager, VANL

Last week marked my half year anniversary of working in North Lanarkshire.    With every day since I started in my home office in Alloa, with the exception of a two quick jaunts to Wellwynd and to Forgewood!  Who would have thought that after all these months we’d still be in the grip of this pandemic but,  at last, there appears to be some good news with light at the end of the tunnel. 

But we are still in that tunnel, which would be a whole lot darker for many if it wasn’t for the continuing work of the community and voluntary sector which has been recognised across partners in health, local and national government.

The latest newsletter from the Chief Officer of Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire, focussed on the of the sector: it’s contribution during the first lockdown; highlighting the Community Solutions programme; spotlighting organisations and projects as well as paying tribute to a well-known, loved and very active supporter of the sector, Francis Fallan.    Read the newsletter…

I’d also like to introduce the new Community Solutions webpages which, though still under construction, gives everyone more information and access to this really important and successful partnership programme.   Take a look around and feel free to offer suggestions (or point out any glaring mistakes!)

The next ebulletin which will be sent via VANL will have a Community Solutions health and social care flavour and will be part of a new suite of thematic bulletins VANL is planning to roll out from January 2021 along with our long awaited new branding and website!

I picked up a new notebook yesterday – the quote on the front is what attracted me.   It inspired me to keep going and I hope it inspires you too.

Stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other