Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership

Its been an exciting 6 months for Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership, celebrating the first Green Health Week in April and then growing volunteering activity during June’s Volunteers’ Week. LGHP are keen to continue to raise awareness of the amazing green health activities that are available across Lanarkshire and remind people of the benefits of getting active outdoors.  Getting active outdoors for two hour sessions can increase your energy levels, improve mood, ease stress and tension, help tackle poor sleep and improve your ability to deal with life’s problems. 

In May, organisations from across Lanarkshire that involve volunteers in green health activities came together to run an event at Chatelherault for health and social care professionals. The event demonstrated a wide range of activities that organisations provide and gave attendees an opportunity to try green health volunteering opportunities for themselves. Organisations involved in the event included Cumbernauld Living Landscapes, the North Lanarkshire Countryside Ranger Service and Northern Corridor Community Volunteers.  A short video of the event is below .

If you are an organisation that offers green health volunteering opportunities and you've not been in touch with the Partnership, they would like to hear from you.  They are in the process of establishing a green health volunteering network, for staff who manage this kind of opportunity to get together and chat about opportunities, training, equipment, good practice etc. They meet bi-monthly and have representatives from organisations large and small.  Please get in touch with Green Health Volunteering Officer  to find out more.  If you're not able to make it to meetings, they are happy to let you have the minutes of meetings so you can keep up to date with what’s happening  Read more about the Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership here .


NHS Green Health Partnership from Elament on Vimeo.