Lanarkshire Links & NHS Lanarkshire - Risk Assesment Focus Group

In partnership with NHS Lanarkshire Links and NHS Lanarkshire are holding a focus group on Risk Assessment and invite interested parties to join the conversation. The focus group is being held on the 23rd August 2022 – 10am – 12pm followed by lunch, and is being held in the Clydesdale Suite Dalziel Building 7 Scott Street Motherwell ML1 1PN

“In mental health services in Lanarkshire we are committed to improving how we understand and support service users when they are experiencing difficulties that might present risk to their health or safety.

In November 2020 NHS Lanarkshire established a working group to review the assessment of risk for those under our care with the aim to improve this from what is done currently.  As part of that review, the group has gone to great lengths to collate as much information as we can to be sure the way forward is as up to date with the scientific literature and as evidence based as it can be.

However, as we all know not all the answers lie in the literature or examples used elsewhere, key answers lie in the experience of those who have lived experience of how ‘risk’ has been managed by services.

We would be grateful if service users, carers and organisations who represent them, could assist us in ensuring changes we are hoping to make across all mental health services will benefit those, and their carers, attending our services. 

It would be really helpful to meet with you all, update you on the review so far, what we think we need to change, how we are going to make those changes, and have your thoughts on what mental health risk assessment should feel like as an intervention.  We would appreciate attendee’s thoughts about how a new approach to risk assessment should include and avoid”.


Paul Gilmour

Nurse Consultant

Adult Mental Health


 Dr Leigh Whitnall

Consultant Clinical Psychologist / Head of Service

Psychological Therapies for Older People