Review of Community Solutions strategic commissioning plan

We are getting ready to review the current Community Solutions Strategy and Commissioning Plan.   It’s really important that we get people like you involved in this process so we can make sure that the refreshed Community Solutions plan continues to be developed in partnership: with the people and communities of North Lanarkshire, community and voluntary sector organisations and statutory services.

Online sessions

Between the 16th and 27th of August we are running 10 online sessions to get opinions, views and ideas (click on the date to book a place).


Community Solutions Strategic Commissioning Plan: Listening & Consultation Event Dates  

Monday 16th Aug 2021, 11-12pm  

on MS Teams 

Tuesday 17th Aug 2021, 2:45-3:45pm  

on Zoom 

Wednesday 18th Aug,  
  on MS Teams 

Thursday 19th Aug,  

on Zoom 

Friday 20th Aug, 10-11am  

On MS Teams 

Monday 23rd Aug, 11-12pm  

on Zoom 

Tuesday 24th Aug, 2:15-3:15pm  

on MS Teams 

Wednesday 25th Aug,  

on Zoom 

Thursday 26th Aug,  

on MS Teams 

Friday 27th Aug, 10-11am  

on  Zoom  


You may be unable to participate in these sessions but your input is very important.    We would be very grateful if you could complete this survey so your opinions, views and ideas can be taken into account during this review. 

This presentation will be delivered at the online sessions and may help with your responses.

Thanks for your help

Gina Alexander

Senior Manager, Community Solutions Programme