The Scottish Governance Code and Good Governance Checkup

The Scottish Governance Code for the third sector in Scotland was launched in November 2018.  It was devised by Scotland's Third Sector Governance Forum and  sets out five core principles and key elements of good governance for the boards of charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, whatever their shape, size or activities. The Code encourages trustees to look at, and improve, their governance, and is supported by practical resources. It is a tool to support continuous improvement and strengthen the effectiveness of governance across the third sector in Scotland. It provides a standard for all boards to aspire to.

SCVO have created a Good Governance Checkup document to be used in conjunction with the Code to help trustees regularly review their governance. Governing bodies can use the checkup to identify areas for improvement and monitor and record their journey to good governance.

To access the Good Governance Checkup document, please visit the SCVO website and for further information on the Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector, please visit the Third Sector Governance Forum website.