Sheltered Housing/Retirement Complexes - Hot food delivery opportunity for enterprising organisation

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, North Lanarkshire Council Housing Solutions and the Community Hubs have worked closely together to ensure everyone within all of North Lanarkshire Council Sheltered Housing complexes, who wanted to participate, received a hot lunch at least once a week free of charge. Approximately 1100 hot meals are currently being delivered on a weekly basis to the complexes. As you can imagine, this is not something that can go on forever and they have now been given an end date for this of 31st July 2020.

The residents within these complexes have been used to receiving these meals for quite a few weeks now and ideally they would like this service to continue, although the residents would have to pay for the meals, but unfortunately, Housing Solutions are not able to co-ordinate or carry out this task.

Housing Solutions are asking if this is a service voluntary and community groups in North Lanarkshire localities would be interested in taking on. Groups and volunteers would be working alongside NLC Locality Link Officers and sheltered housing staff on site to deliver meals to doorsteps in complexes. The hot meals are prepared and delivered by NLC staff to the sheltered housing complexes. There would also be a responsibility for collecting payments from participants, this could be either by cash, bank transfer or direct debits and then ensuring the payments are made to North Lanarkshire Council.

Housing Solutions are reluctant to drop the service due to its success, however they do anticipate the number of meals would drop due to the participants being asked to pay for the service.

Information on areas and delivery days are attached. If any groups are interested in providing this service or would like more information, please contact: 

Lynn Moore, Housing Service Manager, Sheltered Housing Services at

or phone her 07939 28078501236 638969 or 

Caroline Myles at or phone on 07939 280665, 01236 63896