Solihull Approach Classes

See below details on how to access free (pre-paid) on-line Solihull Approach courses (& NL access codes) which aim to support the emotional health and well-being of children, families and adults.  Courses are available to staff, parents/carers and teenagers.

The online courses, which focus on parent-child relationships, can be accessed via any PC, Mac, iPad, laptop or smartphone.  They are ideal for all mums, dads and other carers – and now available to teens.

Check out using the codes below:

  • Understanding Your Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Your Baby (LANERCH1)
  • Understanding Your Baby (LANERCH2)
  • Understanding Your Child (LANERCH3)
  • Understanding Your Teenagers Brain (LANERCH3)
  • Understanding Your Brain – Teenagers Only! (LANERCH3)