Spotlight On: Barnardo’s Services North Lanarkshire

Barnardo’s are proud to have supported children, young people and their families living in North Lanarkshire for the past 28 years. Since then our services have grown and greatly diversified. Our aim throughout has been to reach as many vulnerable children and families as we can. 


Below is a list of the services we provide and contact details of how you can get in touch with us to make a referral or to request additional information.


Barnardos Youth Housing Support service


Barnardo’s Youth Housing Support Service provides housing support to young people age 16-26 to help them remain within their tenancy and live happily within their community.  The service is provided 365 days per year.  The type of support provided includes: 

  • Advocacy
  • Help with budgeting skills
  • Form filling
  • Promotes independent living skills
  • Support to access apocopate services 
  • Help to manage crisis
  • Assistance to apply for benefit
  • Assistance in finding furniture
  • Referral to Housing Mediation
  • Introduction to community activities
  • Support to link into support groups
  • Support writing letters and emails


For more information please call 01698 262443 ext 4

Or Freephone 08081682257


Forever Homes


Forever Homes is a service for care experienced young people in North Lanarkshire. Funded through Life Changes Trust and in partnership with the Local authority Housing/Social Work and Health services, we offer wrap around person centered support to young people ready to make the move into their Forever Home.

The service provides permanent accommodation, support from health services to help navigate into adult health services, regular ongoing support from social work as well as emotional and practical support from Barnardos within their home and within their local community.  A big part of the service is to ensure the young people feel settled and happy in their community and they have the opportunity to make friends and establish new long term relationships.


To be eligible for this service you must be care experienced, be over the age of 16 and have the support of your social worker.


For more information please contact



Creative Faces

Creative Faces is a fun programme funded by North Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (NL ADP) to support young people who are in care or who are experiencing homelessness and aged between 14-26 years.  Our primary aim is to encourage young people to meet friends, learn new skills or take up a hobby. Young people enjoy attending group sessions each week to bring out their creative side. An example of some of the activities we have provided include informative issue based groups as well as structured groups facilitated by experts on fashion, music, drama and photography/film.  Young people have written their own songs, created music videos, as well as writing and directing their own short plays and films.  We are currently supporting our young people online due to COVID-19 restrictions and have been posting useful information on our Facebook page. We hold groups sessions twice a week on this which have ranged from quizzes, competitions, baking, arts and crafts and online sing-a-longs! Come along and join the fun, if you are interested please contact


April – 07738689640.



Training Flats for care experienced young people


In partnership with North Lanarkshire Housing and Social Work Dept, Barnardo’s operates two Training Flats, known by the young people as the Gaff - in Motherwell and Coatbridge. The flats were established to provide opportunities for young people, 15-20 years old, who are still in care, to gain the experiences and skills they need, to assist them to make an informed choice as to whether or not they are ready to move out of care and into their own accommodation.

Over the last 5 years, 66 young people have been able to access the flat.


The young people can access the flat in 3 stages. The first stage is being supported by a worker and follows a set program of work including cooking, house hold chores and managing and creating a budget. Second stage involves the young person staying in the flat during the day and is asked to complete certain tasks. The final stage is to provide the opportunity to stay overnight in the flat up to a maximum of 3 weeks.

For more information please contact

Jonathan Clough




Reception Flats for care experienced young people


In the summer of 2109 two Reception Flats in Wishaw and Cumbernauld were set up to support care experience young people who were facing emergency homelessness or who find themselves in crisis due to a breakdown in their current living situation. The aim is to provide a safe, comfortable, inviting place for the young person to live in for up to 8 weeks whilst a more suitable long term plan is developed.  Throughout this period the young person will be supported by Barnardos who will continue to provide practical and emotional support as well as advocacy and co-ordination of support plan.


For more information please contact

Jonathan Clough


Access to Opportunities

Access to opportunities is an employment support service funded by the William Grant Foundation to assist young people experiencing homelessness to get support and guidance to help them prepare for the employment market.

The focus of our work is to help develop confidence, motivation and social skills through a variety of opportunities and activities.  We are keen to use the local communities as training grounds and encourage young people to become involved in group activities and volunteering activities to further their life experiences, their confidence, motivation and social skills through a variety of avenues.

If you can provide opportunities for the young people or would like to know more about the service please contact:


Family+ service

The Family + service is funded by NL ADP to help us provide practical and emotional support to families experiencing homelessness due to trauma. This could be domestic violence, family break down or fleeing environmental violence. This service delivers a family conferencing model to support the whole family to re adjust to their new situation and also provides support to the children within educational or nursery settings.  This service is open to families with children up to the age of 16 and who have presented to the local authority housing department as homeless.

For more information contact

Natasha McKay



Axis Core

Axis core service supports children and young people from secondary school age up to the age of 21 (26 if care experienced), who are affected by own or someone else’s drug and alcohol use. 

Working on a needs led basis, the service provides an outreach model of support, advocacy and care coordination for young people in need of support.  Underpinned by the principles of GIRFEC the service, takes a trauma informed

when supporting individuals.

Our specialist staff team provide targeted interventions such as Young parent input, and early intervention through our youth work programme.

Our team of trained volunteers compliment the work of the team, through provisional of new hobbies and experiences which promote resilience and confidence building, allowing our young people to expand their social networks.


For more information contact

Karen Motherwell:

Vicky Murray:



Axis Connect:


Building on the ethos of the Axis Core service Axis Connect provides specialist interventions targeted to 3 particular groups.


1. Young people making the transition from primary to secondary education.

The emphasis is promoting the emotional health and wellbeing of young people who are about to leave primary school and are impacted by substance use. The focus on supporting a smooth transition in to high school, and help young people to realise their potential within education.


2. Young Males age 16-26 who have additional high tariff support needs

The service provides a combination of 1:1 and group work supports, with a range of interventions which will support emotional health and wellbeing


3. Families:

The family forum provides a safe space for parents carers to offload, whilst promoting parental understanding and emotional health through a range of group work programmes.

For more information contact:

Graham Revell:

Karen Motherwell:


Axis Plus

Is a training and education service which takes a 3 strand approach in providing information and awareness around Alcohol Brief Intervention (ABI).


Strand 1

To provide training and education to all individuals who come in to contact with children and young people.


Strand 2

To provide workshops parents, educating on alcohol awareness and providing resources and education on how to minimise the risks associated with alcohol use.


Strand 3:

Train staff to deliver ABI, develop an education resource which can be used within education settings.


For more information contact Mairi Roberts :


Lanarkshire Attachment and Nurture Service

This is specialist service which provides practical and emotional support to children, young people and families. Using the Five to Thrive approach, workers seek to improve resilience and attachment through strengthening relationships and understanding the issues that may impact on child development, thus giving young people a better chance to reach their potential and reduce the attainment gap. The team works therapeutically with children and families and to enrich the experience we have recruited an art therapist to allow for exploration of inner thoughts and emotions through the powerful tool of art.

Primarily funded through the Pupil Equity Fund, the service offers bespoke spot purchase support packages on request.


For more information contact:

Karen Motherwell

Gail Burnside: