VANL Training Programme - Autumn/Winter

The VANL Autumn/Winter training programme is available on our website ( and all sessions can now be booked directly via our website using Eventbrite. For those who do not have access to the internet or if you would like help with making a booking please contact VANL on 01236 748 011.  

This programme runs from September – December 2019 and sessions focus on sector nuts and bolts, covering areas such as funding, finance, governance and IT. 

We are pleased to announce our new workshop series entitled ‘How Good is your…’. Each of these workshops focuses on a particular area and we will use a variety of tools as well as our knowledge and experience to examine how good you are doing in each of these areas and what improvements, if any, are required.  We have included two workshops which look at key areas of Leadership and Governance. These workshops are practical and suitable for board/committee members and senior staff.  Within the programme there is a new workshop which covers what you need to know when starting a new group. This is suitable for people who have just started up a group or have a project idea and want to know how to get it started. We will cover all the basics you need to consider ranging from legal structures, governing documents to office bearers and finance.  We also have the first two sessions in a series of three about monitoring and evaluation – a key area when reporting to funders. Other sessions include Adult Protection, Child Protection, Data Protection and Emergency First Aid. If you have any queries around the session content or bespoke training for your own organisation please contact Sharon Bissett on 01236 745580 or