Sunflower Stories Project - Watch Us Grow

We loved hearing and reading the amazing stories of how organisations, groups and people supported others and each other during the last few months.   We thought we’d share this sunny story with you

“I put together a project to keep us connected, a project that was about what we do, which is gardening. I contacted all the families, staff and volunteers we work with and asked if they would like to be part of a WhatsApp group project, everyone who had the tech said yes and others would participate using email. The Sunflower stories project was born. I delivered to all involved the materials needed to grow a sunflower, this included compost, a seedling and pots needed to plant and repot when needed. Delivering all of this provided me with a wonderful opportunity to visit and talk face to face with everyone, making sure everyone had what they needed and having some much needed socially distanced chat with carers was a welcomed event and much needed by some.

The group started connecting using the WhatsApp group straight away, having the sunflowers as a focus has meant that we always had something in common to talk about, we have been able to share photos and videos of ourselves at different stages of sunflower growth. At home it created a much needed routine during long groundhog days, checking on the sunflower, watering it and trying to figure out why it wasn’t growing as well as others or why its leaves were yellowing etc. all made good conversation between participants. Quite soon on I began to realise that the people this was most positively effecting were the carers rather than it being our service users, It was the carers communicating with each other, remaking lost connections with other carers forging new friendships with others.”

Bet you’re smiling now!