Voluntary Sector Thematic Networks

As well as coordinating six Voluntary Sector Locality Networks, Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire facilitates a number of permanent and short-term Voluntary Sector Thematic Networks on behalf of North Lanarkshire Voluntary Sector Partnership Group.

Voluntary Sector Thematic Networks are designed to align with and complement the activity of North Lanarkshire Partnership’s five key thematic working groups (Community Safety Group Partnership Group, Health and Wellbeing Partnership Group, Joint Resourcing Partnership Group, Lifelong Learning Partnership Group and Regeneration Partnership Group), and are open to any third sector organisation or representative with an interest in the specified thematic area focused upon.

The following Voluntary Sector Thematic Networks are currently operational and are independently chaired by third sector representatives with suitable expertise:  

Employability Network

A strong Third Sector Employability Network has been in place since 2008, bringing together third sector organisations with an interest in employability to share information, exchange good practice, network and initiate partnership work. The Network, supported by Routes to Work and Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, fulfils an important function of connecting the third sector in North Lanarkshire to North Lanarkshire Partnership’s Employability Strategy. This includes coordinating the local third sector’s involvement in European-funded employability programmes.   

Children and Families Network

The purpose of the Children and Families Network is to strengthen links and representation between the third sector and strategic groups in North Lanarkshire connected to children and families. Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire supports the Network to coordinate third sector activity relating to Early Years Collaborative, the Early Years Change Fund and Integrated Children’s Services. The Network also monitors key policy initiatives relating to children and families (including Scottish Government’s Early Years Framework and GIRFEC) on behalf of the third sector in North Lanarkshire.

Dementia Network

A Third Sector Dementia Network, introduced by North Lanarkshire Voluntary Sector Partnership Group as part of the Third Sector Community Planning Improvement Plan 2015-18, was launched in June 2015. Supported by Alzheimer Scotland and Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, the Network has been developed on the back of extremely positive local partnership activity in the field of dementia in recent years. This has seen the introduction of several local dementia cafes, the rise of Dementia Friendly Communities, and award-winning success in Motherwell — Scotland’s first dementia-friendly town centre.     

For further information on any of the highlighted Voluntary Sector Thematic Networks, please contact Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire on 01236 748011 or e-mail info@vanl.co.uk.