About Us

Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

VANL is a major charitable organisation which provides support to community and voluntary organisations across the whole of North Lanarkshire.


VANL’s charitable objectives are to:

“advance citizenship and community development, including rural and urban regeneration, the promotion of civic responsibility and the voluntary sector and the effectiveness of charitable/voluntary/community organisations”.

VANL strives to promote benefits for the residents of North Lanarkshire; in particular:

“the advancement of education, the furtherance of health and the relief of poverty, sickness and distress by the promotion of voluntary service and developing volunteering within the local area”

VANL’s vision is for a thriving and effective community and voluntary sector in North Lanarkshire which supports local people’s quality of life and well-being


VANL’s Mission is to:

“improve the quality of life and wellbeing of North Lanarkshire’s citizens by fostering dynamic, inclusive communities through promotion and support for volunteering and the development of the voluntary and community sector”.



VANL is a values-based organisation. Our approach to and delivery of our work is underpinned by our commitment to the following values. 

  • Sustainable Quality of Life and Well-being

VANL promotes and supports sustainable quality of life and well-being of North Lanarkshire’s people and communities, across environmental, economic and social issues.

  • Equality and Human Rights

VANL promotes and advances equality and human rights for the people of North Lanarkshire.

  •  Empowerment

VANL supports local people, communities and voluntary organisations to have voice and influence over the issues that matter to them, including the economy, jobs and income; housing; health and care services;  transport; and the built and natural environment.

  • Collaboration and Partnership

VANL is committed to working effectively with other organisations and individuals from all sectors to achieve shared goals which benefit the people and communities of North Lanarkshire.

  • Respect and Care for Others

VANL shows and fosters respect and consideration for the people and communities of North Lanarkshire; the community and voluntary sector; our statutory and business partners; and all those that work for and with VANL.

  • Commitment to Excellence

VANL is committed to enabling a culture of learning, improvement and innovation within VANL, the community and voluntary sector and the partnerships of which we are part - seeking to deliver high standards of work and achieve positive outcomes.


Strategic Objectives and Outcomes 2020-23 (under review to reflect COVID 19)

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1. Funding and Resources for the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector

2. Guidance and Training for the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector

3. Effective Communication and Collaboration

4. Effective Engagement and Influence of the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector

5. Delivery and Resources

6. Performance Management and Reporting