Green Health

Green Health in North Lanarkshire

The Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership aims to connect people to nature. One of the ways they do this is by encouraging people to get involved in green health volunteering.

As part of this work, the Green Volunteering Network (made up of groups who offer volunteering opportunities in an outdoor setting) meets together every couple of months.  The network provides a forum for organisations with similar aims to develop a united voice to promote green health volunteering and consider ways to enrich the quality and accessibility of volunteering in the outdoors. 

Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership

Its been an exciting 6 months for Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership, celebrating the first Green Health Week in April and then growing volunteering activity during June’s Volunteers’ Week. LGHP are keen to continue to raise awareness of the amazing green health activities that are available across Lanarkshire and remind people of the benefits of getting active outdoors.  Getting active outdoors for two hour sessions can increase your energy levels, improve mood, ease stress and tension, help tackle poor sleep and improve your ability to deal with life’s problems. 

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