Volunteers' Week 2021 (June 1st - 7th) - A time to say ‘Thank You’ to the UK’s Volunteers

Volunteers’ Week is a UK wide campaign that takes place from 1-7 June every year, the campaign is led by a representative organisation from each of the four nations: Volunteer Scotland, NCVO and Volunteer Now.

This Volunteers’ Week they are encouraging everyone to say Thank You to all the UK’s volunteers. During an exceptionally difficult year, people from all corners of the UK have taken the time to volunteer and make a huge difference to people and their communities – just as they do every year.

"Volunteers are always active at the heart of every UK community. They are behind many of the services we all rely on. Some have been volunteering online from home, others in person with a local charity or organisation. Their crucial efforts have not stopped, despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in, and will continue as an important part of the nation’s recovery.

That is why on this 37th annual Volunteers’ Week it’s time to say, ‘Thank You Volunteers!’ We want to recognise all of those who have continued delivering vital work as volunteers over the past 12 months but also all those who usually volunteer but have not been able to because of the pandemic.

Below we have provided some ideas for how you could get involved in this years campaign, including online event suggestions, connecting locally and more! We have also provided links to our resources that are there to help you design and plan your Volunteers’ Week 2021!"


For further details, please check the official Volunteers' Week website.



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