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About the Community and Voluntary Sector in North Lanarkshire

The community and voluntary sector (CVS) in North Lanarkshire is large - with over 1000 organisations and diverse with different types of organisation, as set out below. The CVS makes a significant contribution to individual, family, community, societal and environmental wellbeing through its role in providing vital services and support and as an advocate for improvements in communities, public services and the environment.

(The CVS is also known as the third sector. The term community and voluntary sector is used here as it is more descriptive and does not imply a hierarchy between the CVS, statutory and business sectors.)

You can find more information about CVS organisations in North Lanarkshire through ALISS.

In North Lanarkshire, as for the whole of Scotland and the UK, the CVS is made up of the following:

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Local community groups, many run entirely by volunteers, often with little funding and not always registered as a charity.

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Small, medium and larger charities, some of which are local branches of national charities, usually employing staff, assisted by volunteers and relying on regular and adequate funding, some of which may come from trading.

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Other types of non-profit organisation such as social enterprises and housing associations which provide socially useful products and services.

You can find out more about the CVS in North Lanarkshire in the briefing below

You can read the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector Strategy 2022-24 below

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You can read the diagrams below for a visual representation of the North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector.

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