Employer-supported Volunteering

It is often challenging for people in paid employment to find the time to volunteer given the combination of work and personal commitments. This is why Employer-Supported Volunteering (ESV) is so valuable!

ESV is where an employer in any sector – business, community and voluntary sector (CVS), or public – allows employees a specified number of hours a year to volunteer during working hours.

ESV benefits the employer and employees also help organisations contribute to wider social and environmental goals.

Employers can support employees to volunteer themselves and/or support group-volunteering activities for their staff, which also supports team-building.

Volunteer big pic
VANL provides the following support to employers serving the people and communities of North Lanarkshire on employee volunteering matters, including:
  • Provision of a template employer-supported volunteering policy
  • Information about employee volunteering opportunities in North Lanarkshire
  • Development of bespoke support to for employees’ group-volunteering activities
For more information, please contact volunteer@VANL.co.uk
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