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CVS Collaboration and Partnership Working

The CVS in North Lanarkshire collaborate within the sector and with our public sector partners in various ways to maximise reach and effectiveness.

Collaboration within the CVS includes the following:

  • The North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector Partnership Group which provides a strategic forum for CVS representatives to work together for the benefit of our sector and communities.
  • Various networks and forums where representatives from key CVS organisations share information, provide peer support and work together to influence wider policy and practice. This includes forums and networks that bring CVS organisations and/or the public together to support specific groups or priority issues.  

The following Networks and Forums help to support key groups of people.

Carers – including a North Lanarkshire Carers’ Forum convened by North Lanarkshire Carers Together –  For more information, visit the North Lanarkshire Carers Together Website 

Children and young people and families – including following networks, forums and groups

  • A North Lanarkshire Community and Voluntary Sector Children, Young People and Families Network – which helps the CVS improve the support they provide to children, young people and families. Please contact info@vanl.co.uk for more information.
  • Parent Councils in various schools, please contact collumw@northlan.gov.uk
  • Youth groups including the North Lanarkshire Youth Forum and the Care Experienced Champions Board “Today Not Tomorrow” -please contact cld@northlan.gov.uk
Disabled People through the North Lanarkshire Disability Forum – for more information visit the North Lanarkshire Disablity Forum website
Older adults – through a North Lanarkshire Voice of Experience Forum- for more information visit the Voice of Experience Forum website 
North Lanarkshire Social Enterprise Network - The purpose of the NLSEN is to support a competitive and dynamic Social Enterprise (SE) sector in North Lanarkshire responsive to local needs, maximising local public and private procurement opportunities.

Grant McLean (Interim Chair) - Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire

Collete Donald (Convenor/Secretary) - Health and Wellness Hub 

A pan-Lanarkshire network for CVS organisations supporting Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons. -
For more information contact info@vanl.co.uk 

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CVS organisations also come together to support their work on the following key issues



Mental Health & Wellbeing

Social Enterprise Network

For more information on these thematic networks please contact info@vanl.co.uk

CVS collaboration with the public sector includes representation and active participation in the following cross-sector partnerships and groups

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