About VANL

Objectives, Vision, Mission and Values

VANL’s charitable objectives are to; "Advance citizenship and community development, including rural and urban regeneration, the promotion of civic responsibility and the voluntary sector and the effectiveness of charitable/voluntary/ community organisations."

VANL's Vision is for a “thriving and effective community and voluntary sector in North Lanarkshire which supports local people’s quality of life, well-being, equality and human rights through effective action on social, economic and environmental issues.”

VANL's Mission is to “support quality of life, wellbeing, equality and human rights of North Lanarkshire’s citizens by fostering dynamic, inclusive communities through promotion and support for volunteering, the development of the voluntary and community sector and effective cross-sector partnership working.”

VANL is a values-based organisation. Our values inform everything we do.

VANL staff are trained in and support empowering and positive approaches to supporting the Community and Voluntary Sector, community engagement and action and partnership working including:

VANL also has achieved the following formal accreditations - as indicated in the footer to this website - which reflect our commitment to being a Fair Work employer and equality and human rights.

You can find VANL's Corporate Strategy here

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