Supporting Volunteer-Involving Organisations

Most volunteer-involving organisations are in the Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS), which would struggle to function – or event exist - without volunteers. Public sector organisations also involve volunteers.

Many small community groups and charities have no paid staff and so everything they do relies on volunteers.

Whilst larger community groups, charities and social enterprises usually have paid staff, they generally also rely on volunteers to help them achieve their goals.

For example, all registered charities in Scotland must have trustees to govern the charity and this is a volunteer role. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) reports that in 2023 there are 184,00 volunteer trustees in Scotland alone! 

The following North Lanarkshire/Lanarkshire public bodies also provide volunteer roles:

North Lanarkshire Council offer a variety of volunteer roles.
 Email CommunityMatters@northlan.gov.uk for more information

NHS Lanarkshire also offer volunteer roles

Police Scotland offer youth volunteering opportunities, including in North Lanarkshire

Scottish Fire and Rescue offer youth volunteering opportunities, including in North Lanarkshire

Organisations recruiting and involving volunteers under the age of 16 need to: 

  • offer age-appropriate roles and suitable times for children and young people to volunteer 
  • consider if consent is required from the young person’s Parent/Guardian  
  • have appropriate Child Protection Policy and procedures in place to provide protection and supervision including:  
  • appropriate supervision by a parent or guardian or another adult who has appropriate clearance through Disclosure Scotland  
  • health and safety risk assessments and control measures to minimise risk of harm 
  • check if their insurance covers volunteers under 16.


VANL works with and assists volunteer-involving organisations in North Lanarkshire - helping them find and support volunteers and also to secure accreditation as a volunteer-friendly organisation.  If your organisation would like to join VANL’s Volunteering Register, please complete this form. 

You can also read more about VANL's support for volunteering-involving organisations in this leaftlet. [upload document]

Volunteer-involving organisations that register with VANL, will also receive the North Lanarkshire Volunteer eBulletin and be invited to events.

Please contact volunteering@VANL.co.uk for further queries.

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