Other Partnerships

There a variety of other partnerships supporting joint working in North Lanarkshire and also across Lanarkshire and the wider Glasgow City Region including:

Glasgow City Region

Glasgow City Region is a collaboration between the eight local authorities in the region to support economic growth and improvement. Members include North Lanarkshire Council along with Glasgow City Council, South Lanarkshire Council and others. Third Sector Interfaces in the Glasgow City Region, which includes VANL, are represented by the Chief Officer for Glasgow Council for Voluntary Service.


Lanarkshire Resilience Partnership (LRP)

Lanarkshire Resilience Partnership (LRP) which supports planning and response to civil emergencies and major incidents, such as adverse weather, loss of energy and pandemics. North and South Lanarkshire Councils; NHS Lanarkshire, Police and Fire and Rescue are key members of LRP with the CVS represented through VANL and our sister organisation Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire as appropriate. VANL is actively involved in LGHP. For more information please contact Local Resilience Partnerships also link to national resilience support and guidance.


Lanarkshire Green Health Partnership

LGHP supports residents to improve their physical and mental health through:

  • - active travel such as wallking and cycling
  • - participating in green, out-door activities such as gardening and visiting parks
  • - volunteering to support community "green wellbeing" activities such as environmental improvements; conservation; outdoor groups

North Lanarkshire Volunteering Partnership

North Lanarkshire Volunteering Partnership, which is convened by VANL and brings together the CVS and statutory bodies to strengthen volunteering across North Lanarkshire.

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