Our Sector

CVS Challenges and Opportunities

There are two main challenges for our CVS; income and recognition.


Community groups and smaller charities require modest funding, which they usually secure through a mix of grants and donations. Larger charities secure income from multiple sources including public donations; grants from public sector and independent funders; commissioned services and trading. Social Enterprises mostly rely on trading income, supplemented by loans and grants.

However, following a decade or more of under-funding from the public sector and reducing public donations due to the cost of living crisis, most CVS organisations struggle with insecure and inadequate income.


Despite the amazing work of the CVS, its diversity and complexity mean that many public sector colleagues and the wider public do not always appreciate its value and contribution.

The CVS appreciates that the public sector also has significant funding challenges. The CVS helps the public sector through the public services it already provides. However, the CVS could contribute much more with greater cross-sector collaboration and co-design of services with more strategic investment in the CVS. We already know this approach can work as evidenced by our successful Health and Social Care NL Community Solutions programme. Let's build on it!

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